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Success Kicks My Rump; The First Summer of Owning Our Own Business

Wow, what a summer.

I have always been driven.  I once took a test where it rated my drive and my numbers were so off the chart, my boss called me to make sure I was okay.  I was also off the chart in terms of organizational skills, so I think that helped calm him down a bit.  At least I wasn’t driven to the point of chaos.

a high drive to succeed has always been a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand, I get the job done.  I was in sales for a long time and if there was a number to hit, I hit it.  On the other hand, I wore myself out and, sometimes, was taken advantage of by the companies for which I worked so hard.  I felt a great sense of personal success but that didn’t necessarily translate into career advancement.  I didn’t like that part.

So, this year, I own my own business and all the hard work I put into it directly comes back to me and my family.

Great, right?

Well… mostly.

Even though my family and I directly benefit from all the hard work we put into our business, I am still prone to over book, over work and over commit.  And, the cost of doing this seems higher than ever.  Why is that?

I dunno.  I do know, though, that this summer has been HARD work and, while more successful than I would have imagined, I am tired!

We did 10 fairs/festivals between June, July & August plus started a pop-up retail outlet at our local coffee shop.  And, I have to say, we rocked it!  We sold more stuff, met more people and had more fun than I would have imagined. And, I am tired.

So, I am glad it is fall and we get a chance to regroup.  I may plan our next summer a bit different with a few more days of rest in the middle of it all.  Or, my drive may get the better of me again and I will be just as tired sitting here a year from now as I am today.  It seems like this one is a life time lesson.  Either way, I have always loved fall and am loving it this year even more!

Enjoy the season and craft on, my friends!


What Should I Do?

Happy Saturday!

My dog is napping next to me and Hubby Pin is canning awesome fruits and veggies he got in Eastern Washington yesterday.

What should I work on today?  Hm……  I hear denim is hot this fall, how about this?

Tutorial: Scripture Case from a pair of Jeans - The Polka Dot Chair


10 MORE handmade ornaments to deck your walls

Is it too early to make xmas ornaments?  Nah….

What would you like to make or see me make?  All ideas are welcome!

We shall see what the day holds, I will keep you posted!


New Events!

I am so excited about the events we are participating in this summer! We just got accepted yesterday to the Washington Stat Chili Cookoff! Now the questions is; do we just be a vendor or can Hubby Pin Kaya whip up some chili or salsa and bring home some prizes? Stay tuned on that one. Some of the folks participating in this event have won world championships so it is a pretty heavy field. The winner of chili red gets $25,000, that would be a lot of fabric….. Can’t wait to try some chili, meet new folks and take my dog to the beach for the first time!

Come visit!



Site Design Day Two

Wowza! As I mentioned, we are redoing our site and, let me tell you, using WordPress makes it so much easier! I started with the “Blogolife” template and then proceeded to actually code different fonts, colors, a logo and some other things to make it look the way I wanted. We are still in progress (now that I have started tweaking things, I am not sure I can stop!) but I am quite pleased with my skills today. I coded! What? That’s right… I went into the style sheet and the header CSS and changed things. I broke the site at least five times, but got it back up each time.

Stay tuned for more changes and breaks! Tomorrow is Farmer’s Market day so I won’t be moving things around as much. Probably a good thing.

Here’s my dog.



After avoiding a site redesign for the past few months I am finally going for it!  Hubby Pin and I are busy playing around with layouts, colors, Widgets and Plug Ins.  The site is changing minute by minute as I am now OBSESSED with looking at all the options.  There are so many!  Stay tuned and let us know what you think!